Al-Falah The Sunflower Nursery opened on the 3rd of November 1997 by the Mayor of Redbridge Counsellor Reg Golding. We are situated at 57 Empress Avenue, Ilford, Essex I61 3DE.

In line with the guidelines for registration set out in the Children's Act 1989 the Nursery is registered by OFSTED thus complying with Fire and General Safety, Health, Hygiene and Child Care requirements. These are the basic regulations to which all private day Nurseries must adhere. The Nursery has the facility to accommodate children from the age of 3 months to 5 years.

Our opening times are from 8am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays. We are closed on Bank Holidays and over the Christmas period. We also close at other times of the year, but Parents are given sufficient notice. On occasion we may have to close the nursery due to unforeseen circumstances and on short notice.

The nursery is set out on two floors providing a cheerful, spacious, and comfortable atmosphere.

We have a large front and rear garden with lots of outdoor activities for all the children, which is accessible to children with a member of staff present.

We have 2 other settings, one located off Ilford Lane at Albert Road and our newest setting which is in South Woodford.


Al-Falah The Sunflower Nursery aims to provide a safe, stimulating caring and educational environment that is sensitive to the needs of the individual child. We aim to provide these by following the Governments guidelines laid down in the Children Act 1989. The Act specifies the following amongst other issues:

  • Children should be treated and respected as individuals whose needs should be catered for.
  • A child’s welfare and development are paramount.
  • The values derived from different backgrounds racial, cultural, religious, and linguistic are to be recognised and valued.
  • Parent’s responsibility for their children should be recognised and respected.
  • Parents are generally the first educators of their children; this should be reflected in their relationship with other carers and providers.

Al-Falah The Sunflower Nursery ensures that activities are appropriate to the age and development stages of the children and those activities are varied to give the children opportunities to develop physical, social and cognitive skill.

Parents will be given regular feedback regarding their child’s day and progress. This will be either through informal verbal feedback or through formal appointments with your child’s key worker. Children will also have a profile book which will contain observations, photos and information about your child, this is filled in monthly and then periodically given to parents to take home, to look at with you child and also to add to, with your own pictures and observations about your child.